10 Ways To Remain Sane While Writing

J. Patterson Doyle

Feeling over-stressed? Overwhelmed by responsibilities and edits and runaway characters? Let’s face it. Writers work hard — and we don’t know when to stop. Instead we push ourselves until we’re threatened by burnout.

Here are 10 ways to remain sane while writing.

10. Make a schedule. I’m not a list maker, but I’ve found that a set schedule is essential for fitting in enough writing time. Otherwise? I spend too much time scrolling social media.

9. Read, read, read! Schedule regular breaks away from your writing to read and refresh your creative juices. After all, books fuel a writer’s mind like nothing else.

8. Feeling stuck? Give the story time to brew in the back of your mind. There’s a chance it’s premature and not ready to be written. Give it a chance to develop in your subconscious.

7. Can’t figure out your story? Afraid to take those first steps…

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