Heart of A Warrior

You never knew I was strong, until you hurt me,

You never knew I was a fighter, until you provoked me,

And you learned—too late—that I could not be broken.

You thought my smile meant that I was fragile,

And the light in my eyes meant that I was innocent.

You thought the sound of my laugh meant that I was naive,

And the weight of my compassion meant that you could deceive me,

You were wrong.

Behind my laughter, is a voice that will be heard,

Behind my veil of compassion, lies a thirst for loyalty,

And in your arrogance, you made a grave error.

You thought I would break over your betrayal,

And that I would cringe at the sound of your footsteps.

You thought I would cower at the bellow of your voice,

And the force of your will could overcome me,

You were wrong.

Something resilient, lies beneath this external shell of mine,

Making your words fall on deaf ears.

You never knew—that beneath this gentle facade,

Lies the heart of a warrior.

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