It’s a Fight

Endless and infinite,

A struggle and a hardship,

You power through it, but

Going alone may prove to be your downfall.

You take a hit and your lower lip bleeds.

You hit the ground and your eye swells,

Head bouncing off the cement, like a spring.

You rise to your feet,

Only to be knocked down, again.

Walking on, you encounter other obstacles.

You attempt to jump over them,

Catch your foot and fall flat on your face.

Now you’re stumbling,

Your legs weak, feet dragging.

You refuse to stop,

Here comes the next one.

You feel a fist slam into your gut that knocks the wind out of you,

Doubled over, you barely catch your breath

Before the next blow knocks you to the ground.

You hear the snickering voices,

Know they’re laughing at you.

The sound evokes a rage from you,

It pulls you to your feet.

Your forehead is drenched in dirt and sweat.

You stand, dust yourself off, and carry on.

The path seems endless,

You turn in circles, losing all sense of direction.

“Now what?”

You’re not sure and hope deserts you.

You sit on the dusty path with your head in your hands,

Knuckles cut and bleeding.

Your wrists bruised.

Your back aches and your temples throb.

You wonder why you fought so hard,

“What was the big deal?”

And then you remember,

You know what you came to do.

Suddenly, your strength returns to you.

You stand upright with newfound purpose,

And think to yourself, “This isn’t over.”

You look toward the horizon with newly instilled hope.

Your goal is within reach.

You push your exhausted form a few more steps.

Saying to yourself, “Just a little more.”

Your breath comes in short, laborious bursts.

Your lungs fight for air.

Limbs struggling to hold you up.

But you don’t stop.

You stand grounded, insurmountable

And there is not a single force on this earth that can move you,

Unless that force is you.

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