An avid reader myself, I love to help other writers make their stories shine and work diligently to ensure it is error-free.

I offer developmental, line, and copy editing, as well as proofreading and reviews for full manuscripts, short stories, and flash fiction. You can check out my gigs listed on fiverr.

Copyediting/Proofreading.0025/wd10,000 words
Line Editing.0035/wd10,000 words
Developmental Editing.005/wd10,000 words

Editing is the life force, the very soul of writing. Stories can’t breathe without it. My aim is to act as your guide to making your novel as vivid and read as fluid as possible while capturing your unique voice. The story is yours, but I will be the invisible signature at the bottom of the page that says “This is a story you want to read.”

Pricing may vary due to the size of the manuscript and the amount of work it needs. I do offer a free sample of 1000 words so we can both take a little test run to see if we fit.

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