“She was very thorough in her editing. She caught SO MANY of my mistakes, some of which were quite glaring.” (christiancur196)

“It was great to work with this seller. I got the premium package and she really took the time to go and give an in depth review of my novel. Will work with again.” (ibmjallday)

“Nicole is a true professional, with excellent skills, great insight and a pleasure to work with. She’s friendly, timely and genuinely interested in making a project the best it can be. I highly recommend her.” (syntao)

“This gig was a continuous effort, my third gig with Nicole. With her, you can be sure she gets into the story and is preoccupied with the correct structure and content. I’m reducing the words in the last part of the novel and immediately I finish I’ll send it to her. Don’t hesitate to send her your projects, she is a sure bet.” (rergam)

“The best thing that ever happened to me as a writer is knowing Nicole. She has a gentle touch when it comes to expressing her thoughts and offering suggestions, and on top of that, her skills shine. I love how she always goes above and beyond to make my novels as perfect as they can be, and how she always explains her edits and offers suggestions in such an encouraging and a professional way. Another job well done! Thank you so much, Nicole, for an excellent service.” (sarahtot)

“Nicole is one of the best readers/editors on Fiverr. She provided a thorough review and brought up excellent suggestions to help polish my manuscript. There’s no doubt Nicole knows the structure of language. I highly recommend her! Thank you!” (belizfeliz)

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